Slo· Eng
Occupying Woods
June 26, 2017

Beautifully elaborated website Occupying Woods presents the projects within the episode set in the virgin forests of Kočevje. Designed by Petra Bukovinski.

Works on display:

Edge Effect
installation, Kočevje – Mahovnik
Marcin Liminowicz and Pola Salicka

The installation set in MAO and designed by Matali Crasset includes:

Discover Kočevje 
Petra Bukovinski

My Neighbour Tree: Storytelling Beyond Human
Karolina Ferenc

Digital Wood
Annika Frye

Make Forest Great Again
Jurij Lozic

Under the Skin of the Forest
Martina Obid

Beyond the Wood

Daniel Riegler

Edge Effect
Marcin Liminowicz and Pola Salicka

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