Slo· Eng
Exhibition / Resilience of the Past
Resiliance of the Past
The Kobarid Historical Trail
25 May - 29 October 2017
The Kobarid Historical Trail

The Kobarid Historical Trail

The term resilience originates in the natural sciences and constitutes one of the defining concepts of ecology. Assuming the term as a key role in this episode, the team of designers and architects investigates the different meanings of the term by researching the events that shaped the landscape and legacy the of Soča Valley during World War I.

The designers examine the unfolding of history, challenging the notion of the past in broader terms and on a more extended timescale. The conjunction point between the notion of resilience and traces of time exists in the land itself, which becomes the pivotal stage from which different interpretations about its value can be extracted. How can we represent the complexity of the land’s values without oversimplifying them into the mere opposition between exploitation and preservation?

Divided into three chapters, the project represents military strategies, preservation, and geomancy as specific attitudes toward the land. Each of these approaches respond to specific moments in time, and the arbitrary and speculative use of the land is observed through this specific lens.